Explore all Simpleflow features

Designed by event professional, engineered by data experts, handcrafted by digital specialists and used by leading brands.

Build your own data logic, reports scope and look of event microsite with no coding skills required.

Registration, fields & roles

Define the structure of kept or required data without any limitation and assign them to different groups of participants.

  • define as much roles and fields as you need
  • change the whole registration form in matter of seconds
  • collect the data from your participants and enhance them with your own private records

Mailing & notifications

Invite your guests directly from the platform without use of any other mailing service.

  • keep the records of all e-mails sent from the platform
  • check who’s onboard or not and work with them effectively
  • precisely target specific participants

Reporting engine

Look at all the participants data in a way you need, not as we thought.

  • unlimited amount of reports
  • easily clone and redefine the data views
  • give access to only limited reports to your colleagues, teammates or suppliers with possibility to change or just view the data

High-level security and backups

Your data is secured and kept within the EU borders in certified datacenters.

  • TIER 3 level datacenters
  • backup of electricity and internet connection
  • all your data are periodically backed up

We have many useful addons, which you will definitely love too

We are always listening to our clients, so we've handcrafted many specific modules you could also use at your events.

Onsite checkin

Streamlined interface for checkin of the approved guests.

  • web or mobile based
  • ability to use documents and luggage add-ons
  • easily scan your guests QR code to speed-up checkin process

Documents signing

Get all the necessary documents such as NDAs, hotel forms and statements signed right at checkin.

  • all the signed documents become available in participant’s records
  • paperless all-digital solution
  • different groups of participants could be presented with various sets of documents


Automatically generated badges with use of the collected data.

  • 3 different sizes
  • customizable layout
  • easy reprint of lost badges


Keep track of guest’s luggage starting from drop-off to delivery to the hotel room.

  • unlimited go-through locations easily defined in the platform
  • easy-to-use mobile app for Android phones
  • get to know last tracked location of each luggage

SMS notifications

Complement the communication with optional SMS notifications.

  • notify your guests throughout the event with the most wide spread solution
  • available in whole EU, USA and Russia
  • pay-as-you-go only for sent SMS


Sell tickets, collect payments for hotels or F&B.

  • you could handle your payments on your own or leave it to us
  • secure payments through one of the biggest banks on the Czech market
  • acceptation of wire payments